René Magritte Museum

(FR) Musée René Magritte | (NL) René Magritte Museum

The René Magritte Museum in Jette, Brussels is a must-see destination for fans of the famous Belgian surrealist artist. Located in Magritte’s former home, the museum offers a unique and intimate look at the artist’s life and work.

The museum’s permanent collection includes a variety of Magritte’s paintings, drawings, and other works, as well as personal items and memorabilia from the artist’s life. Visitors can explore the various rooms of the museum, which have been restored to their original state and feature exhibits on the artist’s career and creative process.

One of the highlights of the museum is the artist’s studio, which has been preserved exactly as it was when Magritte worked there. The studio is filled with the artist’s paints, brushes, and other tools, and offers a unique glimpse into his creative process.

In addition to its permanent collection, the René Magritte Museum also hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions and events throughout the year. These events offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about the artist’s life and work, and provide a deeper understanding of his place in the art world.

Getting There

The museum is located in Jette, the north side of greater Brussels are. The journey from the city center should take approximately 20-30 minutes by public transportation.


Rue Esseghem 135, 1090 Jette, Belgium
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Hours and Fees


Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–6 pm,


Monday, Tuesday January 1, December 25


Your admission is free if you have museumPASSmusées, Brussels Card.

Adults: 10 €
Young adults: 8 €
Children (8 and under): Free
Visitors with disabilities: 1.25 €
Brussels Card holder: Free
museumPASSmusées holder: Free