Musée de la Médecine (ULB)

(FR) Musée de la Médecine (ULB) | (NL) Geneeskundemuseum
A special museum telling us the history of medicine

The Musée de la Médecine, or Museum of Medicine, in Brussels is a fascinating and educational destination for anyone interested in the history of healthcare and medicine. Located on the campus of the Free University of Brussels, this museum is housed in the former Hotel Dieu, a 19th-century hospital that has been beautifully restored and transformed into a museum.

One of the highlights of the Musée de la Médecine is the collection of medical instruments and artifacts from different eras. These include everything from ancient Greek and Roman medical tools, to medieval and Renaissance medical texts and instruments, to modern medical equipment. Visitors can see how medical technology has advanced over the centuries, and how different cultures have approached the practice of medicine.

In addition to the exhibits on the history of medicine, the Musée de la Médecine also features a number of interactive exhibits that allow visitors to get hands-on experience with different medical techniques. For example, visitors can try their hand at bandaging a wound, or practice taking a patient’s pulse. These interactive exhibits are great for kids and adults alike, and help to make the museum a fun and engaging place to visit.

Overall, the Musée de la Médecine in Brussels is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the history of medicine and healthcare. With its rich collection of artifacts and interactive exhibits, this museum is sure to educate and inspire visitors of all ages. If you’re in Brussels, be sure to add the Musée de la Médecine to your list of must-see attractions.

Hours and Fees


Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm


Saturday, Sunday


Your admission is free if you have Brussels Card.

Adults: 3 €
Seniors 65+ (with ID): 2 €
Students (with Student ID): 1 €
Young adults and Children (12 and under): Free
Brussels Card holder: Free