In this article, we’ll provide you with essential information on handling luggage in Belgium, including transportation options, storage solutions, and convenient delivery services, so you can make the most of your Belgian adventure.

Packing Light and Smart

To fully enjoy your travels in Belgium, consider packing light and smart. Belgium offers a diverse range of experiences, from historic cities to serene countryside, so pack clothing suitable for various weather conditions and activities. Opt for lightweight and versatile items to keep your luggage manageable and yourself agile during your explorations.

Luggage on transportation

On Trains:

Train in Belgium

Domestic trains

  • Most trains in Belgium provide limited space for large suitcases, especially during peak hours.
  • Passengers are generally allowed to bring up 3 items per passenger (total max. weight 30 kg).
  • Rapid trains connecting major cities, called IC (intercities) may offer designated storage space for larger luggage, but it’s still recommended to use compact and easily manageable luggage.

International high-speed trains

  • International high-speed trains, such as Thalys, Eurostar and ICE offer specific areas or racks for passengers to store their luggage. Passengers can place their suitcases, bags, and other belongings in these designated spaces to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

On Metros and Trams:

  • Metros and trams in Belgium may have space for smaller bags and carry-ons, but larger suitcases may be challenging to accommodate during busy times.
  • It’s advisable to avoid bringing bulky luggage on metros and trams, especially during rush hours, to ensure a comfortable ride for all passengers.

On Buses:

  • Airport and highway buses usually have separate compartments for larger luggage items, but there might be limitations on the number of pieces per person.
  • Smaller bags can generally be carried onto the bus, but it’s essential to be considerate of other passengers’ space.


  • Most taxis, including airport transfer services, can carry multiple large suitcases in their trunks, making them a convenient option for travelers with substantial luggage.

Rental Cars:

  • Renting a car in Belgium can be a convenient option for travelers, especially when exploring less urban areas.
  • Rental cars offer ample trunk space, allowing travelers to carry their luggage comfortably without worrying about storage limitations.

Luggage storage

Luggage lockers

Most major train stations offer luggage storage services, which are convenient for travelers who want to explore the city without carrying their bags around.

You can rent a locker directly at the station or by booking online. The minimum rental period of a locker is 1 day. Rentals are possible per hour, day or week.


Sizeper dayper weekextra hour
S (small bag)
14 cm x 23 cm x 60 cm
 € 4,50 € 25 € 1
M (backpack)
19 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm
 € 6,50 € 35 € 1.50
L (trolley)
44 cm x 34 cm x 60 cm
 € 9 € 45 € 2
XL (2 trolleys)
58 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm
 € 11 € 55 € 2.50
XXL (suitcase)
89 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm
 € 13,50 € 65 € 3

Luggage Delivery Services

Door-to-Door luggage delivery services allow travelers to have their luggage transported directly from their current location to their destination within Belgium or even internationally, eliminating the need to carry heavy bags during their journey.


Eurosender is a logistics platform that offers door-to-door luggage shipping services in Belgium and across Europe. They collaborate with various courier companies to provide reliable and cost-effective luggage delivery options.

Send My Bag:

Send My Bag is a luggage shipping company that allows travelers to send their bags to and from Belgium and other destinations worldwide. They offer convenient door-to-door luggage delivery with tracking and customer support.


LuggageHero is a service that connects travelers with local businesses (such as shops and hotels) where they can safely store their luggage. While it’s not a traditional door-to-door delivery service, it provides a convenient and secure way to store luggage at different locations throughout Belgium.