Tours and Activities

Belgium offers many opportunities for travelers to enjoy themselves through tours and organized activities.

City Walk Tours

City walk tours offer you to experience history, culture, and architecture that define each city. There are paid tours and free tours. Paid tours are operated by private travel agencies and free are organized by the city’s tourist offices.

For an optimal experience, embark on a half-day tour upon your arrival to orient yourself with the city’s layout, an ideal strategy for maximizing your exploration if you’re staying for a few days.

Themed Guided Tours

There are themed guided tours that cater to varied interests. Delve into the world of chocolate and beer, indulge in Belgian gastronomy, admire Art Nouveau architecture, or tap into pop culture and diversity.

Private Tours

While private tours may be a tad pricier, they offer a tailored experience designed to meet your preferences. Travel with ease as professionals accompany you, offering seamless transfers between airport, hotel, and various destinations.

Multi-City Tours

Explore Belgium’s several cities in just one day with multi-city tour. Going from city to city is easy, and at the end, you come back to where you started.

Belgium and Beyond

Belgium often forms part of larger tours spanning multiple countries, such as France and the Netherlands. These immersive experiences demand at least a couple of days, and travel agents offer packages that can include transportation and accommodations.

How to Find Tours and Activities:


An online platform, Viator hosts a diverse array of tours and activities. With the convenience of a user-friendly app, you can book and manage your experiences without the hassle of printing documents. Simply display your app screen at the tour, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in exploration.

Tourism Offices in Belgium

Belgian city tourism offices are fantastic resources for discovering local tours and activities. Whether you’re looking for historical insights or contemporary experiences, these offices can guide you to the perfect fit.

Official Websites

For exclusive guided tours and activities offered at specific attractions, visit their official websites. Secure reservations in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on limited-capacity experiences.

Your Local Travel Agencies

Travel agencies in your home country might offer tours conducted in Belgium. They can provide tours in your language and can also offer flights and accommodation upon your request.