Belgium offers a wide range of accommodation types, including some unique forms such as museum and castle hotels. Rates range from less than 30 euro per person in a dormitory to over 300 euro per person in a first class hotel.

Below is a list of accommodation types with typical overnight rates:



International chain hotels

Western-style hotels, including various international and European hotel chains, can be found across Belgium, especially in the larger cities.


Boutique hotels

In Belgium you can find small stylish hotels with intentional design and decor, and personalized service, typically in fashionable urban locations, such as Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent.

Budget hotels

For those trying to save, budget hotels still have lots to offer, from WiFi to convenient locations. Popular with backpackers, many properties are set in central areas and include comfortable rooms with private or shared bathrooms. Hotels may be located in unsafe areas, so be careful when choosing.



There are many apartment hotels with furnished suites of rooms including kitchen facilities, available for long-term or short-term rental, especially in Brussels. In general, apartment hotels don’t have a front desk/receptions. Instead, you’ll be notified codes to open the main entrance door and your room after you book online.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a small hotel or private house that rents rooms and provides a morning meal. The owner/manager often lives there and sometimes has separate accommodation. B&B is often located in beautiful Belgian small town or countryside.

Hostels / Guesthouses


Hostel/Guesthouse is popular among single travelers or young people who are looking to save money on lodging. Multiple people share a room and also have shared bathrooms and showers. There are several European chain hostels providing clean and safe facilities.


vacation homes

Belgian culture has greatly influenced their architectural style. You can experience its charm most by staying in one of their houses. Rental houses are available for short/long term stay for all seasons.

Special Accommodation

catsle hotel in Bruges


Some castles in Belgium have been renovated as a guesthouse by companies or its owners.