Best Museum Discount Passes in Belgium

Belgium offers a different types of museum passes to travelers. These passes not only give you access to popular museums and attractions but also include shop discounts, guided tours, and public transportation options.

The best museum pass for you will depend on what you like and your travel plans.

PassPriceValid CityValid PeriodNumber of MuseumsOther Options
museumPASSmusées€59All over Belgium1 year250+
Brussels Card€29-€49Brussels24-72 hours44Public transportation, discounts on attractions, restaurants, shops
Musea Brugge€30Bruges3 days14
Antwerp City Pass€29-€39Antwerp24-48 hours17Public transportation, discounts on attractions, guided tours
CityCard Gent€39.95Ghent48 hours13Public transportation, guided boat tour, bike rental, discounts
ILUVLeuven€25 (basic)Leuven1 day5Discounts on attractions, restaurants, shops, guided tours



museumPASSmusées offers unlimited access to over 250 museums across the country. The pass is rather expensive (€59) compared with other city passes, but it is an ideal pass for people who stay several cities in Belgium for a longer period, or plan to come back within a year.

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Brussels Card (Brussels)

How to buy a museum free pass in brussels

If you stay mainly in Brussels for a couple of days, Brussels Card might be the best pass for you. It provides free access to over 40 museums in Brussels city, unlimited ride of public transportation (optional), and discounts on a variety of restaurants and shops.

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Musea Brugge (Bruges)

Musea Brugge Card

Musea Brugge pass is the city’s official museum pass that gives you free entry to 14 prestigious museums, including the Groeningemuseum and the Bruges Belfry. You can also reserve your visiting date and time on the Musea Brugge official website, which makes your visiting comfortable during the busy period.

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Antwerp City Pass (Antwerp)

Antwerp City Pass

Antwerp City Pass offers free entry to most popular museums, attractions in Antwerp, including exclusive discounts and unlimited use of public transportation.

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CityCard Gent (Ghent)

CityCard Gent includes free admission to museums and attractions, guided boat tours, and unlimited public transport, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective visit to this historic city.

ILUVLeuven (Leuven)

With the ILUVLeuven Ticket, you can enter the city’s must-see attractions such as M-Museum, the University Library, and St. Peter’s Church, along with various discounts, allowing you to delve into Leuven’s rich heritage and culture.