How to buy museum pass in Bruges, Belgium

About Musea Brugge Card

Musea Brugge Card

In Belgium, various museum passes are available either countrywide or for specific cities. For those exploring Bruges with its rich array of museums, the Musea Brugge Card offers an economical choice, granting free admission to the city’s major museums.

  • Unlimited free access to 13 museums during 72 hours
  • Most famous artworks are covered, including Van Eyck, Magritte and Memling
  • You can buy Musea Bruges Card online
  • (Optional) You can book visiting date and time on museums after you buy Musea Bruges Card.

Museums you can use Musea Brugge Card

(subject to change)


Type72h (3 days)
Adults (26 to 64 years old)€ 33
Seniors (+65)€ 33
Young Adults (18 to 25)€ 25
Children (13 to 17)€ 17
Children (Under 12)Not necessary*

*At most museums and attractions in Belgium, children under 12 years old have free entrance.

How to buy Musea Brugge Card

Buy Online

You can buy Musea Brugge Card at Musea Brugge Official Site. Choose your card according to your age.

Buy at Museums

You can also buy Musea Brugge Card at all participated museums (except for the Museum of the Church of Our Lady and the Museum of Our Lady of the Pottery).

Buy at the Official Museum Shop

You can also buy Musea Brugge Card at the Museumshop of Musea Brugge (Dijver 16) located in the city center.

How to use Musea Bruges Card

(Optional but Recommended) Reserve your visiting date and time online

It is recommended to make reservation of your visiting date and time if you plan to visit popular museums and monuments, such as Belfry (Belfort)

To reserve your date and time with Musea Brugge Card, you first need to buy the Card online on the Musea Brugge Official Site. Next, choose the museums you would like to visit and pick the date and time. When you are asked to select the type of ticket, select the “Time Slot for Musea Brugge Card (free of charge)”.

Musea Brugge


Activate your Musea Bruges Card by scanning it at the first museum you visit. From this moment, you have access to all museums during 72 hours.


Are these museums open every day?

No, most museums are closed on Mondays. Please check the museum website in advance to make sure the museum is open.

Is the Musea Brugge Card from the date of purchase or from the date of use?

From the date of use. Your Musea Brugge Card is activated and start counting 72 hours when you scan it for the first time in a museum.

Visiting museums earlier or later than the reservation time on my ticket. Is that possible?

You must follow the reserved start time on your ticket. If you arrive earlier or later, be prepared to wait before being allowed entry into the museum.

For those visiting the Belfry (Belfort), due to its popularity, it is crucial to maintain the scheduled start time. If you arrive earlier or later than reservation time, your entry to the Belfry might be cancelled.

How long I can keep my Musea Brugge Card unused? I bought my card but did not use my trip. I would like to come back and use it later.

Musea Brugge Card purchased online can be activated up to 1 year after purchase.

Can I get my money back if I don't use Musea Brugge Card?

Musea Brugge Card is not refundable.