Packing for Europe: A Travel Essentials List

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential items you need to bring when traveling in Europe. From travel documents to comfortable footwear, we’ve got you covered.

Travel Documents and Essentials

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
PassportValid passport with at least 6 months validity.
Visa (if required)Ensure you have the necessary travel visa.
Travel InsuranceComprehensive coverage for medical and trip cancellation. Verify whether your credit card or travel agency includes international travel insurance as part of its benefits.
Travel Security Wallet/PurseA travel wallet, functioning as a wallet and passport holder, offers essential security with RFID blocking technology. It’s a versatile accessory that safeguards vital documents, cards, and currency while providing convenient organization, making it a must-have for travel.
MoneyA mix of cash and cards for payments.

Tech Gadgets

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
Travel AdapterUniversal adapters (or Worldwide adapters) often come with multiple plug options, making them suitable for various European destinations and other regions as well.
Phone and ChargerStay connected and charged during your trip.
Power Bank / Backup BatteryFor backup power when outlets are unavailable.
International SIM CardStay connected with local data.
Camera / GoProCapture memories and beautiful sights.
HeadphonesFor traveling, compact, wireless and noise-canceling headphones come highly recommended.
Travel AppsDownload transportation and navigation apps.
Entertainment Apps (and Download content)You have the option to download movies from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video to enjoy during flights, even without an internet connection.

Luggage and Packing

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
Backpack or SuitcaseSuitable luggage for your needs.
Travel LocksSecure your luggage and belongings.
AirTagThis is entirely a matter of choice, but Apple’s AirTag can be a lifesaver when it comes to locating lost luggage if you choose to place them inside your suitcase. Highly Recommended.
Packing CubesOrganize and compress clothing in your luggage.
Ziplock BagsFor storing snacks and organizing items.
Reusable Shopping BagEco-friendly for shopping and groceries.


BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
Toothbrush and toothpasteFor dental hygiene.
Shampoo and conditionerTravel-sized hair care products are available for added convenience on the go.
Body washTravel-sized body care products are available for added convenience on the go.
DeodorantTravel-sized deodorants and atomizers are available for added convenience on the go.
Razor and shaving creamFor shaving needs.
Face wash or cleanserSkincare products.
MoisturizerTo keep your skin hydrated.
SunscreenFor protection against UV rays.
Lip balmTo prevent dry lips.
HairbrushFordable mini brush with mirror is very useful.
Contact lens suppliesTravel size Disinfecting Solution and Lens cases with mirror are useful.
Feminine hygiene productsFeminine hygiene products, such as sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, are essential for maintaining personal hygiene during your menstrual cycle.
Nail clippers and fileFor nail care.
TweezersFor various grooming needs.

Clothing and Accessories

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
ClothingWeather-appropriate attire, layers, and essentials.
Comfortable ShoesWalking shoes suitable for exploring cities.
Waterproof Rain Jacket/RaincoatBe prepared for varying weather conditions.
Portable UmbrellaStay dry during unexpected rain showers.
HatProtect against rains and sun’s rays.
SunglassesProtect against sun’s rays.
Travel TowelQuick-drying and compact for convenience.
Earplugs and Eye MaskEnsure a good night’s sleep.
Insect RepellentKeep pesky bugs at bay in rural areas.
Travel Laundry KitSink-friendly detergent for laundry emergencies or a long stay.

Health and Safety

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
MedicationsPrescription medications and a small first-aid kit.
First Aid KitBasic first-aid for minor injuries.
Water PurificationIf traveling to remote areas with uncertain water quality.
Face Masks (as necessary)For health and safety.
Hand SanitizerMaintain cleanliness on the go.
PrescriptionsAny necessary medications and medical documents.

Personal Comfort

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
Travel PillowCompact, inflatable pillow for comfort.
Travel ClockA small alarm clock for keeping time.
Compression SocksFor blood circulation during long journeys. In general, 20-30mmHg compression boost your blood circulation and ease leg pain.

Organization and Miscellaneous

BringNot BringItem NameShort Description
Maps and GuidebooksNavigate and explore your destinations.
Travel Documents (copies)Copies of your passport, visa, and itinerary.
Language Guidebook For communication.
Mini Notepad and Pen SetJot down notes, addresses, and memories.
Travel Sewing KitBasic sewing kit for minor repairs.
Zippered Plastic BagsFor organizing small items and keeping things dry.
Waterproof Phone CaseFor protecting your phone from water.