Accessible Travel

With a range of services, infrastructure, and initiatives in place, Belgium ensures that travelers of all abilities can explore its wonders with ease.


Belgium boasts a wide array of accommodations that cater to travelers with different accessibility needs. Many hotels, hostels, and guesthouses have accessible rooms equipped with features like roll-in showers, grab bars, and wider doorways. These establishments often have ramps and elevators to ensure smooth mobility throughout the premises.

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Getting around Belgium is made easier by the country’s commitment to accessible transportation. Belgium’s public transportation system, including trains, trams, and buses, is well-equipped to accommodate travelers with disabilities. Most train stations have accessible platforms, and trains often have designated spaces for wheelchair users.

Belgium is also known for its well-maintained network of cycling paths. Many cities offer adaptive bicycles and tandem bikes, allowing individuals with disabilities to explore the charming streets and countryside with ease.

Tourist Attractions

Belgium’s numerous attractions are designed to be inclusive, offering an enjoyable experience for everyone. For instance, the Atomium in Brussels, a symbol of scientific progress, features accessible ramps and elevators, allowing visitors to access all spheres and exhibits. The iconic Grand Place in Brussels is equipped with accessible pathways for those with mobility challenges, ensuring they can admire the stunning architecture.

Additionally, several museums and cultural institutions provide guided tours and audio guides with descriptions in multiple languages, making it easier for those with visual or hearing impairments to fully engage with the exhibits.

However, it’s important to note that some historical sites, due to their ancient architecture, may pose challenges for individuals with limited mobility. For instance, Belfry Tower in Bruges, often feature narrow staircase which can make them difficult to navigate for wheelchair users or those with mobility aids.

Tours and Activities

Guided city tours, boat cruises, horse drawn carriages, and nature excursions are often designed to accommodate wheelchair users and those with mobility challenges. In addition, some tour operators specialize in accessible travel, providing customized experiences tailored to individual needs.

Public Restrooms

For visitors who require personal assistance, Belgium offers the “Eurokey” system. This system provides a special key that can open accessible public restrooms, ensuring that travelers with disabilities have convenient access to essential facilities.


The regional tourism websites provides valuable information on accessible accommodations, attractions, and transportation options. Travelers can also find information on accessible tourism services and contact details for accessibility inquiries.