My Stay at Hotel Le Dixseptième: A Gem in the Heart of Brussels

A Gem in the Heart of Brussels: My Stay at Hotel Le Dixseptième

Brussels, a melting pot of history, culture, and modernity, is a dream for many travelers. Nestled amidst its historic boulevards is Hotel Le Dixseptième, a charming testament to Belgium’s rich past, juxtaposed beautifully with contemporary luxuries. I had the fortune of experiencing its allure firsthand.

A Hotel with a Rich Legacy

A Gem in the Heart of Brussels: My Stay at Hotel Le Dixseptième

Le Dixseptième is not just another hotel; it is a piece of Brussels’ tapestry. Dating back to the 14th century, it initially stood on Brussels’ first road. The hotel has witnessed the city’s transformation, including its rebuilding after the 1695 bombardment. The ancient wooden framework from that era adorns the hotel’s rooftops, and the grand staircase is a magnificent 17th-century marvel.

Location is Everything

Hotel Le Dixseptième boasts a location that’s a traveler’s dream. A stone’s throw away from the iconic Grand Place, it’s walking distance from Brussels’ main attractions, including the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Mont des Arts, and vibrant Place Saint-Géry.

Not to mention, it’s supremely safe, sandwiched between the Brussels Central Station and Grand Place, ensuring the streets are always vibrant and full of life.

A Room with an Artistic Touch

A Gem in the Heart of Brussels: My Stay at Hotel Le Dixseptième

The room I stayed in wasn’t just spacious; it was a tribute to art. I was fortunate to reside in a room themed after the renowned Flemish artist, Jan van Eyck. The room’s decor and ambiance echoed his artistry and craftsmanship.

Moreover, the inclusion of a kitchen added convenience, especially with supermarkets and a bio farmers market nearby, making in-room dining a breeze.

A Breakfast to Relish

A Gem in the Heart of Brussels: My Stay at Hotel Le Dixseptième

The salon where breakfast was served was a visual treat, accentuated by the gastronomic delight that followed. The spread was a perfect ode to Belgium’s culinary heritage – succulent local ham, rich cheese, and the iconic Belgian chocolate. Every bite was an experience, transporting me to the heart of Belgian culture.

Hospitality at its Best

One of the standout features of my stay was the warmth of the staff. Their genuineness and eagerness to help made my experience memorable. Hospitality is an art, and the team at Le Dixseptième have mastered it.

Concluding Thoughts

For travelers looking for an authentic Brussels experience with a touch of luxury, Hotel Le Dixseptième is the destination. Between its rich history, unparalleled location, warm staff, and opulent rooms, it promises an unforgettable experience. Brussels beckoned, and Hotel Le Dixseptième was the cherry on top.