Royal Museums of Fine Arts

(FR) Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique | (NL) Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België
Unveiling the Artistic Gems of Brussels
Musée Magritte Museum

Brussels is a city that holds a vast array of artistic treasures that are waiting to be discovered. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts is one of the museums that showcase Brussels’ rich artistic heritage. The museum is home to an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings that date as far back as the 15th century.

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts is composed of six museums:

The first four museums are located together in the city center of Brussels and really easy to visit. Most famous artworks can be found in one of these four museums.

Musée Oldmasters Museum is home to Flemish Primitives, which are considered to be the founding fathers of Flemish art. Musée Modern Museum features works from famous artists such as Delvaux. Musée Magritte Museum is the most recently opened museum featured Rene Magritte’s artworks.

© Olivier Anbergen – I Love Light

Musée Wiertz Museum displays works from the romanticism period, while Musée Meunier Museum showcases the works of Constantin Meunier, a Belgian sculptor and painter.

It is advisable to allocate 1.5 to 2 hours for each museum visit due to the abundance of masterpieces on display. To avoid waiting in line to purchase tickets, consider making an online booking or obtaining a Brussels Card, which grants you free entry to all six museums within the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

Restaurants in the Brussels’ Artistic Heritage

When visiting the museum, make sure to stop by the museum’s café, which offers a beautiful view of the museum’s garden. The café serves light lunches and snacks, and it’s the perfect place to take a break and recharge before continuing your exploration of the museum.

Getting There

The main buildings of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are concentrated around the Place Royale/Koningsplein and easily accessible by public transport.


Rue de la Régence/Regentschapsstraat 3 – 1000 Brussels

Hours and Fees


Tuesdays – Fridays: 10:00-17:00
Weekends: 11:00-18:00


Closed Mondays and January 1st, 1 May, 15 June, 1 & 11 November, 25 December.


Your admission is free if you have museumPASSmusées.

Adults: €10,
Seniors 65+ (with ID): €7,
Students (Full-time with ID): €7,
Young adults and Children (18 and under): Free,
Visitors with disabilities: Free,
Brussels Card Holder: Free,
MuseumPassmusées holder: Free


Tours including Royal Museums of Fine Arts are available.