Pixel Museum

The Pixel Museum, situated in Brussels, Belgium, stands as a captivating testament to the evolution of video games and interactive entertainment. What may have once seemed an unconventional concept has transformed into an immersive experience that captures the heart of gaming history.

From its humble origins, the museum has grown into a celebration of the video game legacy, preserving not only the physical artifacts of consoles, games, and accessories, but also the stories they tell. The museum’s collection isn’t solely about financial value; rather, it focuses on the creativity, innovation, and narratives that have shaped the gaming landscape. This philosophy drives the museum’s purpose—to share the passion and heritage of video games with visitors from all walks of life.

Housed within the iconic Tour & Taxis site in the central Brussels, the Pixel Museum has taken on its new role as a cultural landmark, embracing its place as a hub for gaming enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Getting There

The Pixel Museum is located on the Tour et Taxis, a former industrial site in Brussels. The closest train station is Brussels Nord (20 minutes walk), but it’s also easy to reach out from anywhere with bus and tram.


Avenue du Port 86C Sous-Sol des Sheds, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
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Hours and Fees


Wednesday-Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Check the official site for detailed schedule


Monday and Tuesday


Adults: 12 €
Seniors 65+ (with ID): 10 €
Children (3 – 18) : 3 €
People with disabilities: 9 €

Family discount, Group discount, other special rates are available.


Tours including Pixel Museum are available.


Can we play games in the museum?

Consoles, arcade machine, installations, you can experience history while playing.

It is possible to take photos and videos inside the museum?

Yes, the use of cameras inside the museum is authorized.