Traveler’s Safety at Brussels-Midi (South / Zuid) Station


The Current Situation

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, has faced challenges in maintaining the safety and security of some of its major transportation hubs. Brussels-Midi (also called Brussels-Zuid or Brussels-South), Belgium’s primary domestic and international railway station (Eurostar, Thalys, TGV and ICE), has been under the spotlight due to rising concerns over crime rates, drug-related issues, and the increasing population of homeless individuals.

In 2023, the Prime Minister announced an extensive action plan, which encompasses both social and security measures to improve the conditions at the Brussels Midi station. The plan includes establishing a new police station at the railway hub, regular patrols, improving the physical appearance of the station, enhancing the care system for drug users, and prohibiting alcohol consumption.

How bad is it, actually?

To put it simply: many people think the station is safer than some news stories suggest. Every day, lots of people go to and from this station to work, study, or travel without problems. If you behave as usual and stay in the busier parts of the station where many people are, everything should be fine.

Yes, there are issues, just like in any big place. But most of the time, everything is normal. So, while it’s good to be careful, you don’t need to be too worried.

Safety Recommendations

Secure Your Belongings

It’s essential to use a safe purse or backpack. Opt for bags with zipped compartments to keep essential documents and money close to your body and out of sight.

Avoid Quiet Passages and Dark Areas (also around the station!)

Especially during nighttime, stick to well-lit areas and avoid isolated corridors or platforms. The area outside of the station is considered particularly dangerous after dark. Also, remember that in winter (December – February), it gets dark by 5pm.

Stay Nearby if Arriving Late

If your travel schedule brings you to Brussels stations late in the night, consider booking accommodation close to the station. This minimizes the distance you need to travel and ensures you aren’t wandering the streets late at night.


Check the Station Map

Familiarize yourself with your route in the station. To check and download the latest map, visit the Brussels Midi Official page.

Brussels Midi (Zuid) station Map

A Hopeful Future

Brussels authorities, in collaboration with various governmental and regional partners, are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and travelers. With plans to improve infrastructure, bolster security, and provide social services to those in need, the future looks promising for restoring the reputation of Brussels-Midi as a secure international rail hub.

While it’s essential to be informed and prepared, it’s equally crucial to remember that Brussels, like many major cities, is safe for travelers the majority of the time. Belgians, in general, are warm, welcoming, and always willing to help, whether you’re lost and looking for directions or struggling with a heavy suitcase on the stairs.

It’s vital not to let undue fear overshadow your experience. Taking necessary precautions is smart, but constant anxiety can rob you of the beautiful moments and experiences Belgium offers. After all, travel is as much about embracing a place’s culture, history, and people as it is about seeing landmarks. By staying alert and prepared, you ensure safety without compromising the joy of exploration.



Are Brussels Midi and Brussels Zuid different stations?

No, Brussels Midi and Brussels Zuid are not different. They are two names for the same train station in Brussels, Belgium. “Midi” is the French name, and “Zuid” is the Dutch name. Both mean “south,” reflecting the station’s location in the southern part of the city. In an international or bilingual context, you’ll often hear or see it referred to as “Brussels Midi/Zuid.”

How do I get from Brussels Midi/Zuid to the city center?

It’s very easy. You can take a local train, metro, tram, or bus from the station to reach the city center. Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available outside the station.

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Brussels International Airport (Zaventem Luchthaven) has an easy access to Brussels

Are there lockers or luggage storage facilities at Brussels Midi/Zuid?

Yes, the station offers luggage lockers where you can store your bags for a few hours or even a day. Rates vary based on the size of the locker and the duration of storage.

You can rent a locker directly at the station or by booking online.The minimum rental period of a locker is 1 day. Rentals are possible per hour, day or week.

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Is there a direct connection from Brussels Midi/Zuid to Brussels Airport?

Yes, there are direct trains from Brussels Midi/Zuid to Brussels Airport (Zaventem). The journey usually takes around 20 minutes, and trains depart frequently throughout the day.

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Brussels International Airport (Zaventem Luchthaven) has an easy access to Brussels