Why Belgium has multiple names for one thing?

why belgium has multiple names in one thing?

You step off a train in a Belgian city, and the name on any sign in the train station doesn’t match what you expected. You’re not alone – this confusion is a common experience for visitors.

In Belgium, cities, stations, and attractions often have multiple names. The reason? Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German.

Diverse Languages, Diverse Names

Each region in Belgium speaks a different official language. Flanders (North) speaks Dutch, Wallonia (South) speaks French, and a smaller area near the east speaks German. Brussels is a bilingual city where all languages are treated equally (you however see French language the most).

Belgium Map with known cities and airports

So, it’s only natural that places have names in these different languages. For example, the city known as “Antwerp” in English is “Antwerpen” in Dutch and “Anvers” in French.

Official Languages of Belgium As a melting pot of cultures and traditions, Belgium has three official languages – Dutch, French, and German. Brussels: A M.....

Solving the Language Puzzle

When you’re planning your trip, it’s handy and safe to know the names of cities and stations in English, French, and Dutch – especially if you’re traveling by train. Trains often have announcements in multiple languages.

Belgium City Names: Comparison by Language
Belgium City Names: Comparison by Language
Belgium is a multilingual country. Walking around Brussels, you will see that streets are marked with names in both French and Dutch. If you look at them carefu.....

For example, the information board of Thalys (international train) explains their luggage policy in four languages, French, Dutch, German and English.

In cities like Brussels and in south Belgium, where people speak french, you might see more French names often. In Dutch-speaking cities, such as Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, you might see names more in Dutch.

Be Ready

To make your journey smoother, it is recommended to remember English, French, and Dutch names for the places you’re visiting in Belgium. But just in case, our website comes to the rescue – we introduce attractions in different languages. So, with a little language savvy and our help, you’ll be strolling through Belgium’s treasures with confidence.

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