Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

(FR) Galeries Royales Saint Hubert
A shopping street designed by Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer in the 1830s,

Get ready to be transported back in time to the 1800s with the breathtaking Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, one of the oldest covered galleries in Europe. This magnificent project was initiated by the talented architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer in the 1830s and took years to complete.

From luxurious shops and cafes to cultural spaces like the Théâtre du Vaudeville and the Cinéma des Galeries, this gallery had it all. It was the go-to place for fashionable people looking to see and be seen. Renowned French refugees like Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas were known to gather there, as well as famous Surrealist painters and artists from the Cobra group.

Don’t forget to visit the commemorative plaque that marks the spot where the Lumière brothers’ motion picture camera was first shown in 1896. You won’t want to miss this spectacular and historic landmark!

Must-see places in the Royal Gallery

Neuhaus – A famous Belgian chocolatier that has been in business since 1857. Their specialty is pralines, but they also offer a variety of other chocolate treats.

Gaufres & Waffles – Each recipe has been revisited by the starred chef, Yves Mattagne, with all the passion we know. Ham/cheese waffles, foie gras, beef tartar, veggie, but also waffles with Belgian chocolate, apple, blueberries… Enough to delight food lovers all day long.

Le Pain Quotidien – A popular bakery and cafe that serves organic bread, pastries, and other delicious treats. They also offer a range of breakfast and lunch options.

Cinéma Galeries – The Cinéma Galeries is one of the most beautiful cinemas in Brussels with a varied programme, from the latest box-office releases to arthouse cinema

Delvaux – A luxury leather goods store that sells high-end handbags, luggage, and accessories. The brand has been around since 1829 and is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Aksum Coffee House – In the kingdom of Aksum, the Ethiopian coffee specialist, you will find coffees harvested directly at the source… in Ethiopia! By adapting to the altitude, these coffee plants have undergone a miraculous transformation that gives the coffee a delicious character.

Bookstore Tropismes – Established in the Galeries Saint-Hubert since 1984, the Tropismes bookshop is based in a quite simply magnificent place.

Léonidas – Another famous Belgian chocolatier that has been in business since 1913. They offer a wide range of chocolates and confections, including truffles, pralines, and chocolate-covered nuts and fruits.

Getting There

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is located in the center of Brussels city, next to the Central station and Grand place, Manneken-pis.


Galerie du Roi 5, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
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Open everyday, 24 hours