How to Buy Train Tickets in Belgium

In Belgium, trains are a popular choice for city-to-city travel. To buy tickets, you can go online, use station ticket machines, or visit a ticket counter. Each method ensures a hassle-free journey.

Brussels International Airport (Zaventem Luchthaven) has an easy access to Brussels

Buy Online (Most recommended)

Anyone can easily buy train tickets on the Belgian National Railway (SNCB) Website. including trains from/to Brussels Airport (known as Zaventem Airport). After your purchase, You can receive a digital ticket (as a pdf document) to your email and use it without printing. The website is well explained and easy to use in English.

If you plan to travel couple of cities in Belgium, we also recommend to download the Belgian National Railway (SNCB) App on your smartphone. The app enables users to store their e-tickets digitally, so you can buy tickets on the app and immediately take a train. You can only show your e-ticket on screen when you are asked by train staff.

  • Pros: Digital tickets, No need to stand in queues, English language available
  • Cons: Need to create an account

Buy at Ticket Counter

For travelers who prefer face-to-face interactions and personalized assistance, buying train tickets at the ticket counter is an ideal choice.

  • Pros: People at ticket counters know very well about fares and discounts and speak English fluently
  • Cons: Sometimes you have to make a line and wait there for a while

At Vending Machine

At all stations, these self-service machines offer a quick and hassle-free way to purchase train tickets. Ticket is issued on paper and with it you can go to the train platform and ride on your train immediately.

  • Pros: English language available, machines anywhere inside and around stations
  • Cons: Difficult if you would like to buy special discount or seasonal tickets, as they are not applied automatically

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