How to Ride Bus, Tram, Metro in Belgium

In Belgium, different regions have their own transportation systems. This article will explain Bus, Tram, Metro information in Flanders (Flemish) Region, including Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Zeebrugge, Oostende.

Belgium Map with known cities and airports

*Brussels has a different public transportation network. For more information, refer to Public Transportation in Brussels page.

De Lijn – Operating Company

De Lijn

De Lijn is a company run by the Flemish government to provide public transportation in North Belgium.

*Other transportation, such as sightseeing buses, coaches, water boats, shuttle buses, e-scooters and rental bicycles are operated by private companies.

How to Buy Tickets

De Lijn has a very simple fare system: the same price for all transportation.

Use the official De Lijn App

We strongly recommend to install the De Lijn App on your smartphone. You can buy tickets (as a QR code) online and use the QR code when you get on any buses, trams, pre-metros operated by De Lijn.

Use De Lijn Website

You can also buy your ticket on the De Lijn Official website.

At Lijnwinkel

A Lijnwinkel, which translates to “Line Shop” in English, is a actual store where you can buy tickets either at the service counters or ticket vending machines. These shops are typically found near major stations. Keep in mind that their opening hours might be limited, and finding a location can sometimes be a challenge, and there might be long customer queues.