Antwerp Port House (Havenhuis)

(NL) Havenhuis
The Port House (Havenhuis)

The Port House is like a special jewel in Antwerp’s architecture. It’s a cool and creative building that’s both old and new. Inside, it’s where the Antwerp Port Authority works, and more than 500 people have their offices there. You can join a guided tour of the building to see it up close and enjoy a big view of the port and the city.

The whole Port House is made of two parts. The bottom, which is old and restored, and the top, which looks like a diamond and was designed by a famous architect named Zaha Hadid Architects. This building shows what the port of the 21st century is like: it has a long history and it’s ready for the future.

The Port House (Havenhuis)

Guided Tours

Inside the Port House, there are limited public areas accessible for visitors. The building primarily functions as the headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority and office space for employees. However, travelers can still experience the Port House’s unique architecture and atmosphere by taking part in guided tours. These tours provide insights into the building’s history, design, and its role in the port’s development.

While there might not be traditional museum exhibits, the guided tours offer a valuable opportunity to explore this remarkable architectural gem and learn about its significance in Antwerp’s maritime history.

Getting There

The Port House is conveniently located in Antwerp, Belgium, and can be reached easily by tram and bus services; it’s also close to other attractions like the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) and the Red Star Line Museum.


Entrepotkaai 1,
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
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