Museum Free Passes in Brussels

Fin-de-Siecle Museum

In Brussels, there are two museum passes available: Brussels Card and the museumPASSmusées. Both passes offer free entry to all popular museums in Brussels.

Comparison table

To help you decide which pass is best suited for you, we have created a comparison table below:

FeaturesBrussels CardmuseumPASSmusées
PriceStarting at 26 euros59 euros for one year
Valid period24, 48, or 72 hoursOne year from date of purchase
Valid AreaBrussels city onlyEntire Belgium
Number of places admission freeOver 40 museums and attractionsOver 170 museums and attractions
Transportation included ?Yes, unlimited travel on public transportation within BrusselsNo
Buy OnlineBuy Brussels CardBuy museumPASSmusées

About Brussels Card

How to buy a museum free pass in brussels

Brussels Card is a sightseeing pass that grants admission to over 40 museums and attractions in Brussels, as well as discounts on tours, shops, and restaurants. The card comes in three variants – 24, 48, and 72 hours – and allows unlimited travel on public transportation within Brussels city. Prices start at 26 euros for the 24-hour pass.

You can buy the Brussels Card only, or combination tickets with Hop-on and Hop-off sightseeing bus or unlimited travel on public transportation within Brussels.

How to buy museum pass in Brussels, Belgium
How to buy museum pass in Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Card is a very economical pass that allows free admission to museums in Brussels. Museums you can use Brussels Card (subject to change) Prices Card Typ.....

About museumPASSmusées

museumPASSmusées is a museum pass that provides access to over 170 museums and cultural institutions across Belgium, including Brussels. It is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows visitors to visit museums multiple times during its validity period.

museumPASSmusées: Museum Access Pass in All Belgium
museumPASSmusées: Museum Access Pass in All Belgium
What is museumPASSmusées? If you’re planning to visit several museums during your stay in Belgium, museumPASSmusées offers unlimited access to most popula.....

Which one is for you?

Brussels Card is best for tourists who are spending a limited time in Brussels and want to see the city’s main museums, such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, in a short period of time. It also includes transportation options, making it easier for tourists to get around the city.

However, if you plan on visiting multiple cities in Belgium over a longer period of time, museumPASSmusées would be a better option. It provides free access to a larger number of popular museums in Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Gent etc., and you have a year to use it.