Rubenshuis (Rubens House)

(FR) La Maison Rubens | (NL) Rubenshuis
A tribute to the genius of Peter Paul Rubens and to discover the essence of Flemish Baroque art.

Rubenshuis, also known as Rubens House, is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone who visits Antwerp city. This historic house-turned-museum offers a captivating journey into the life and art of the renowned Flemish (North Belgium) Baroque artist, Peter Paul Rubens.

Rubenshuis holds a fascinating history that dates back to the 17th century. Peter Paul Rubens, one of the most celebrated artists of his time, designed and built this splendid mansion as his residence and studio in Antwerp. He resided here for a significant part of his life, creating some of his most renowned masterpieces within these walls.

After his passing in 1640, the house went through various ownerships and underwent transformations before being restored and turned into a museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of this artistic genius.

As you step into the Rubenshuis, you’ll be transported back in time to experience the artist’s world. The museum houses an extensive collection of Rubens’ paintings, sketches, and personal belongings, offering an intimate look into his creative process and daily life. Wander through the opulent rooms, including the impressive studio where many of his masterpieces were born.

Be sure to admire Rubens’ artistry as you encounter some of his iconic works, such as “The Descent from the Cross” and “The Elevation of the Cross.” The garden, carefully restored to its original design, provides a serene retreat where you can imagine the artist finding inspiration amidst nature.

The Life of Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens, born in 1577, was a prolific artist, diplomat, and humanist. He was a master of various genres, from religious and mythological paintings to portraits and landscapes. His artistic style, characterized by rich colors, dynamic compositions, and a deep understanding of human anatomy, has left an indelible mark on the world of art. Beyond his artistic accomplishments, Rubens was a highly respected figure in his time, with a successful career as a diplomat serving the Spanish Netherlands.

Other Rubens-Related Attractions

In addition to the Rubenshuis, there are other remarkable sites in Antwerp connected to the great artist. The Cathedral of Our Lady, just a short stroll away, showcases several of Rubens’ awe-inspiring altarpieces, including “The Assumption of the Virgin.” The Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) houses an extensive collection of Rubens’ works and those of his contemporaries, allowing you to delve deeper into the Baroque art movement.

For a delightful break, head to the charming Rubens Square, surrounded by cafes and shops, where you can relax and soak in the ambiance of this historic city.

Hours and Fees


The Rubens House is temporarily closed for renovation.