Exploring the Essence of Belgian Beer

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Belgium, a small European nation with a rich brewing tradition, is often hailed as the Holy Grail for beer enthusiasts. With a history spanning centuries, Belgium has perfected the art of brewing, offering a vast array of beer styles, each with its distinct character. While in Belgium, you can enjoy Belgian beer in many different ways.

Belgian Beer World


In 2023, the former stock exchange office in the very center of Brussels turned into a beer entertainment place. It features an extensive selection of over 350 Belgian beers, both on tap and in bottles. Immerse yourself in the world of Belgian beer culture and history while enjoying your favorite brew in a cozy setting, especially at the rooftop bar at the top floor.

Belgian Beer World (in Bourse)
Belgian Beer World (in Bourse)
Belgian Beer World, located in the old Brussels Stock Exchange building, is the first big museum to tell the story of Belgium's long history of making beer.....

Visiting Breweries

Visiting breweries in Belgium is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the country’s rich beer culture. Most breweries organize guided tours, which offer a unique chance to see how your favorite Belgian beers are crafted, from grain to glass.

Belgium boasts numerous breweries, and conveniently, some are situated right in the heart of major cities such as Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp, ensuring easy access for travelers.

Belgium’s Best 4 Breweries Near City Centers
Belgium’s Best 4 Breweries Near City Centers
These easy-to-access breweries offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich history, traditions, and flavors of Belgian beer without straying too far from cit.....

Remember to book a guided tour in advance from breweries official websites, as some places may have limited availability.

Brussels Beer Project – Dansaert

BBP Dansaert, established in 2015, now houses the Dansaert Lambic Brewery, the BBP shop, and a vibrant bar. In the lively Taproom, you can enjoy a blend of All-Star, Pop-up, and Dansaert lambic beers, offering a selection of 24 beers on tap. If you’re eager to explore more lambic options, don’t hesitate to inquire about our Dansaert 75cl bottle selection.

Brussels Beer Project
Brussels Beer Project
The Brussels Beer Project and Dansaert Brewery are two must-visit destinations for beer lovers in Brussels. Both breweries offer unique experiences and deliciou.....

Joining Beer Themed Activities

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of beer and want a well-rounded experience, we suggest participating in beer-themed activities. You can opt for beer tasting tours led by local guides, which encompass city explorations and visits to top-notch bars favored by locals.